Monday, August 29, 2011

-------------> ONE DAY ONLY SALE!!!!!!!!!!

(Quick note - I'm playing a solo show in Louisville, KY tonight, Tuesday Aug 30th at the Highlands Taproom 10pm FREE)

Just what is Microfundo?!?!?  Well, you'll have to go check it out for yourself.  I can say, "Power to the People!"

I will tell you that I'm working with them to promote my big NYC homecoming show this Friday, Sept. 2nd at Union Hall!! After a string of fantastic solo shows in Colorado, I'm ready for some electricity with Hobson's Choice!!!  AND as part of that, I'm offering my latest studio EP, "When You're Dancing," a four song selection of rootsy rock 'n' roll tunes at the special price of 'name your own price' through Tuesday!!

Check it out here -

And I assure you, all proceeds will go directly into my 'make a new record' savings account.

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